Friday, September 23, 2011

Long time, no blog...

WOW! An embarrassingly long time has passed since I last blogged. My apologies, friends! I have a lot to catch you up on so I will give you some of the big highlights of these past two months.

WARNING - Picture overload!

We have been to DC to visit Austin! It was a quick visit, but we got to spend some time with our friends that have recently moved there. We are hoping to go back soon for a longer stay.

Enjoying some delicious sangria before heading to dinner

Austin!! We miss you!

The White House was under high security when we were there. Obama had just addressed the nation...the snipers were out and ready to shoot!

Ryan's first trip to DC!

We traveled to Saratoga, New York to head to the tracks with Megan. Ryan and I are now veteran track gamblers. Saratoga is the best town has an old school fifties feel to it. If you ever get the chance to it!

Enjoying a day at the track!

And they're out of the gate!


Stopped off in Maryland to meet Animal Kingdom and check out where Megan works...

What a sweet boy!

Attended a wedding of two fabulous people - Caren & Austin. First wedding I have ever been to where the bride trumped the lady in the band with her vocal abilities. Caren rocked the mic at her reception, no doubt! Congrats to the happy couple =)

Mr. & Mrs. Oates - first dance! (I wish I had more pictures from this one)

My sweet Courtney got hitched! Her wedding was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Hurricane Irene behaved herself and stayed away...we sipped on Hurricane cocktails in her honor. We (or maybe it was just me) had a ball shaking our tail feathers on the dance floor. It was so nice to have all my girlfriends in one place to celebrate such a sweet couple! Yay for the Freemans!

Look how sweet!

1st dance!

The groom and the girls!

Margaret is preggo! I am beyond excited about the upcoming arrival of this little baby. I cannot wait for baby showers and delivery dates. She finds out if it is a boy or girl soon...I'm ready to know!! Baby Charles is going to be so cute and so loved!

Ryan checking the baby bump for a kick!

We are headed to the Carolina game tomorrow...Go Cocks!!!!



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